California Statement of Information FYI

I just wanted to share some information regarding the Statement of Information.

If you are a California business every year you have to file a Statement of information.  You can fill this out yourself for $25.00.  You go on the Secretary of State website and fill out the form online, and pay using a credit card.

There are plenty of “Services” that send very official looking mail, that will do this for you and charge about $200.00 plus.   Unless you really want to pay $200 plus to do this, go ahead, but you don’t need to.  If you read the letter very carefully, in small print at the very bottom it should say something like “this isn’t an official notice”  or, “By signing you are giving permission to xyz company to fill this out for you”.

Please be read the mail carefully, and if you really are in doubt go to the website and you can find out if  your statement of information is due.

Please feel free to leave a comment, question or share your experience.

California Statement of Information FYI

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