How Expensify brought the fun back to expense reports

I am an accountant and am pretty good with receipts, but even I hate filling out expense reports.   Along comes Expensify onto my iPhone and I was able to hand in my expense report right after my plane landed (well, ok the next day).

I was on a recent business trip and my usual thing would be to save the receipts in an envelope and    after few weeks after I got back, fill out an expense report spreadsheet.   Of course when I did finally get to it I would have to remember the details of the trip to get the expenses in the correct categories, (i’m sure you can relate).

I downloaded Expensify and Genius Scan (makes your iPhone a scanner) and I was off.   At the end of each day of my trip:

  •  I would scan my receipts (using Genius Scan), it connects to Expensify and transfers the image into the application
  •  I would add the charges into the Expensify iPhone app and put them in the correct categories.
  •  I would attached the scanned receipt to the charge.

When I got back to the office I logged on to the Expensify website and there it was, a spreadsheet with the expenses and the receipts attached that I could print or email to whoever needed/wanted it.

What was the longest time it took you to fill out an expense report?  Leave a comment.

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How Expensify brought the fun back to expense reports